21 Objection: How can you say – Is Jesus the only way?

Questions: Do all religions lead to same God?


Aren’t all religions basically the same?


John 14:6
Living in a so-called “Pluralistic” society
Definitions : Can’t we all just get alone. Diversity and dialogue.

Getting along sounds good , but in REAL life, hard to find.

Culture ( Tillich? ) – (from Ravi Zacharias )
Theonomous God – law. ( God’s law ingrained in you, society agrees on these norms ( Ex: India “people of the soil, close family ties, respect for parents)

Heteronomous – different law ( controlling few make laws – many are told to follow, like it or not ( ex : Islam, Marx )

Autonomous – self law ( law unto yourself , )

America says were autonomous : but only a guise when it comes to Christians. Then switches to heteronomous. ( bait and switch )

World views general categories
1) Only the universe exists
2) only “God” exists
3) God and universe exist ( held by Judaism, Islam, & Christianity)

Only monotheistic religions talk about eternal life

Ravi quote religions are “ fundamentally DIFFERENT, and at best superficially similar “
Major world religions are works based…

Jesus came not to make bad people good but for dead people to live

Origin – where do I come from
Meaning – what gives life meaning
Morality – what defines good and bad
Destiny – what happens to us at death
Ravi Zacharias :

Those 4 questions above must be answered with Corresponding truthfulness and coherence of a world view ( needs a skin to pull it all together )

Hinduism – panltheistic – multiple God’s , but done rightly, God’s have to be
brought into hinduistic framework
Buddhism – extinguish hunger, desire , extinguish relational connections in
pursuit of Nirvana ( state of nothingness? )
Koran – only claimed historical document that claims Jesus didn’t die on
Other historical document not to corroborate Jesus death on cross.
Greek, Roman , Pagan, Jewish, Christian
Cross; heavily works based, then subjective will of Allah.
Judaism still waiting on savior, would deny Jesus’ messiahship
Naturalism – ( with in it is religion of evolution )
(Fruits of 18th century Enlightenment – doesn’t believe in sin and evil- leans on Psychology, higher Education and better politics as the solution to solve problems)

All of the above ( including Christianity ) make exclusive claims!

Texts to consider

John 18:33-38. Jesus before Pilate…

Acts 4:12 salvation in no one else…

2 Thessalonians 1:9-10