22 Objection : What about those who have never heard of Jesus?

Apologetics Series :

What about those who have never heard of Jesus.
Bible project – Romans

Illustration : asking lots of questions all the way to Seminary

? About God’s Intention
Assumption = heartless?
? About Lack of Information
Assumption = unfairness

Reality Check
 God’s intention

Genesis 3:15

– even Genesis 12:2-3

– Acts 1:8 promised Holy Spirit

– Reality of Creation
Romans 1:18-20. – Without excuse

– Built in Instinct – like water/ milk for thirst

John 3:16 ( love, whole world, sacrificial )
The Result : What happened:  The state of infant church after Jesus         rose and ascended.
– Holy Spirit
– boldness
– persecution scattered the church
– Gospel spread

God’s character speaks 
What do you read in the Bible?
Justice and Mercy
Omniscient – God knows what is at stake far better than us.

Could our concern outmatch His action?

Your Current Position
Illustration – life here – what have you experienced

What have you done to deserve this?

Are you different than them?

The Final Answer…

The call   – Matthew 28:20 – world, disc

Needs and responsibility.     – Romans 10:13-17 – … how can they believe ….?