Mark 8:21-26 – the process of understanding

Mark 8:21-26

       Process of healing (sight)

       Process of Advent ( candles -prophets, M&J, Shepard, Peace


Intro – Menards rebates …

     Process I’m willing to go thru to get some cash back!!!

    Process by definition : Why? What’s the goal … really?


    Feed thousands – why not take hunger away? Why pick up scraps

    TEXT MARK 8:21-26.  Blind man -sight grows


  –    Calming storm vs.cjangimg forecast.

  –   Plague of exodus

 –   Priests step into Jordan River?

 –    NOAH!!!!

Things here were meant to lead to UNDERSTSNDING!

CONTEXT  – Vs 17 The questions …..

      Might be safe to say it took 3 years of PROCESS to bring sight to the disciples eyes.



Consider the Process of Redemption….! ( from Genesis 3 ) 

What processes are you in the midst of?

Spiritual consequences of a process

      – disciples ( operating ‘point in time )

– but the goal is U N D E R S T A N D I N G  that leads us to SEE / BELIEVE