Luke 9:28-36 (37-43) Transfiguration

Luke 9:28-37

Backstory / Context

     – Jesus speaks of his suffering death:

     – Peter rebukes

     – Jesus responds

              26 Whoever is ashamedof me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.

27 “Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”

TEXT – Luke 9:28-37


      Vs28 – 8 days

      Vs 29 – praying

            See notes below.

      Vs 30 – glorious splendor

       Vs 31 – conversation re: things to come . Full understsnding?

       Vs. 32 – weighed down by sleep

       Vs 33 – hard to say….

       Vs 34 – fear ?

       Vs 35 – VOICE – Luke 3 / Acts 9

       Vs 36 – kept quiet

ILLUSTRATION – cooking school

        8 week course,

        Then – presented with Mac and Cheese request….


       Vs 37-40

            Problem w/

       Vs 41 – Jesus exasperated?

                  – Jesus solution !

       Vs. 43 – AMAZED !

       Challenges of real life

       Problem of compartmentilization

Compartmentalizingis basically an internal process of putting your feelings toward someone, or some experience, in a metaphorical box, and putting them on a shelf in the back of your mind to be forgotten, or stirred up when something reminds you they’re there


Jesus – welcome in real life! All of life!



That is a natural reaction. People seek inner peace, and they try all kinds of things to achieve it — anything that will promise much, but demand little.

Prayer :

Prayer is, in fact, a significant theme throughout Luke’s writings. Luke is the only Gospel author to tell us of Jesus praying on other momentous occasions, too:

  • Following his baptism, the Holy Spirit descends on Jesus while he his praying (3:21-22);
  • Jesus’ selection of the twelve apostles occurs after spending an entire night in prayer (6:12-16);
  • Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Messiah occurs in the context of Jesus’ praying (9:18-20).

we see the same thing with a variety of characters in Acts, Luke’s second volume. To give just a few of many examples:

  • The gathered early church experienced a dramatic divine response to their communal prayer (4:23-31).
  • The centurion Cornelius’s prayers result in an angel being sent to him and in him being chosen by God as the first Gentile Christian (10:1-8).
  • Paul and Silas are freed from prison by God while praying (16:25-34).
  • Paul experiences an encounter with the risen Christ while praying (22:17-21).