Mark 2:18-22 new wine

Mark 2:18-22 Jesus’ Words – no fasting now

Challenge of any preacher – bring hearer into the setting – fly on the wall – sights and sounds and atmosphere…..

      Settings – Matthews & other sinners invite Jesus to a salvation party of sorts. Matthew is befriended, included, forgiven by Jesus… a celebratory meal is what follows….

Yet 2 questions come: (vs 17-18)

Then Mark 2:18….

That principle cuts up all religious formalism by the very roots. The Pharisee said: ‘Fasting is a good thing in itself, and meritorious in the sight of God.’ The modern Pharisee says the same about many externals of ritual and worship; Jesus Christ says, ‘No! The thing has no value except as an expression of the feeling of the doer.’ Our Lord did not object to fasting; He expressly approved of it as a means of spiritual power. But He did object to the formal use of it or of any outward form. The formalist’s form, whether it be the elaborate ritual of the Catholic Church, or the barest Nonconformist service, or the silence of a Friends’ meeting-house, is rigid, unbending, and cold, like an iron rod. The true Christian form is elastic, like the stem of a palm-tree, which curves and sways and yields to the wind, and has the sap of life in it. If any man is sad, let him fast; ‘if any man is merry, let him sing psalms.’ Let his ritual correspond to his spiritual emotion and conviction.

7 Day Celebration

According to the Jewish wedding ceremonial it was their business to conduct the bride to the home of her husband, and there to spend seven days in festivity and rejoicing, which were to be so entirely devoted to mirth and feasting that the companions of the bridegroom were by the Talmudic ritual absolved even from prayer and from worship, and had for their one duty to rejoice.

ILLUS – you been to a wedding? What’s the overall attitude….?

     Crying…. maybe for joy, sentiment, (impending poverty 🙂

     Fasting … hardly!!!!!!

Jesus likely incredulous at the thought…..

      ‘Seriously guys!’

What’s behind this?  Beyond jealousy or outright critical nature…


      The Jews were wont to fast on Thursday because on that day Moses was said to have re-ascended Mount Sinai; on Monday because on that day he returned. Comp. the words of the Pharisee, Luke 18:12, “I fast twice in the week.” Perhaps this feast took place on one of their weekly fasts.

The superstitious and hypocrites rashly put the sum of godliness in matters which do no matter,

The contrast between:

          “The rules say… “.


          “ The prevailing attitude or emotion of the day “

ILLUS – “is that age appropriate”…..

         For the text – Jesus is saying in essence – Is fasting APPROPRIATE FOR THE SETTING … ?

A religion of which the main features are law and restriction and prohibition, cannot be joyful. And there are a great many people who call themselves Christians, and have just religion enough to take the edge off worldly pleasures, and yet have not enough to make fellowship with Christ a gladness fo


ILLUS – clip from “United – young & free

        Kids jumping…. Why?


     – And lo, I am with you always … whether Disciples can see it or not…

     – rejoice in the Lord always 2x

Are you filled with joy to be a Christian ? Can people tell when you meet random people?

      Remember that old song.  “I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy….”

      Consider the Pharisees ability to sing that / live that. ?? !!

Mark 2:21 – 22

       New spirit is among the disciples

       More powerful than the old

       New wine – needs a new vessel!