10 – Generosity is a WAY OF LIFE

Generosity – WAY OF LIFE


Varied road of life..

Ex – Jeremiah

              Early life vs. later life

              Jeremiah 29:7

     – 1st C. Israel

               Pharisaical rules of life vs. Jesus’ teachings

     – us ? – intersection of life that brings is to where we are….


Then : 

Curtain pulled back leads to a different life:

         Wizard of Oz


         Truman show


Video Illustration – Tom and Bree update ( 7 years later ) 


Following Jesus changes everything

Encounter with God that changes everything!


LOVE your Enemies

      Luke 6:27-36

Tree and Fruit ( GROW) 

     Luke 6:43-45

Wise and foolish BUILDers

     Luke 6: 46-49


New creation

      Is 43:18